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Corporate Partnerships

Be it a startup, an enterprise-level company, or even a public limited establishment, companies of all sizes and shapes keep facing the inundate challenge of managing people and teams.

Leaders and executives are always faced with the annoying challenge to strategize and retain their team members. Ineffective manpower management can affect the bottom and the top line in different ways, which can in turn result in long term damage to the company cultures and goals.

At TalenTock, our expert team comes with a solid background in management consulting and people management. We like fixing the “people problem” and helping company leaders focus on the bigger and the more important growth plans.

Our corporate partnership program is ideal for a company that is more than 2 members in size. We work deeply in understanding your business and your goals towards hiring, training, and retaining the right people.

Our step-by-step approach consists of well planned milestones that can help any company fixing their manpower gaps and challenges. 

Our approach consists of the following steps:

  1. Company introduction

  2. An “as-is” diagnosis

  3. Gap Analysis

  4. Defining People Goals

  5. KPI setting

  6. Strategic Manpower planning

  7. Team building, training coaching and mentoring planing

  8. Tactical Implementation

  9. Feedback and improvement

At TalenTock, we help companies with each and every phase of growth that involves onboarding and retaining the right talent. We live by our motto i.e “Building Better Talent”.

So reach out to our consultants today and book a session to know more about our corporate partnership program.