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Corporate Training

Building better professionals

Corporate training can be deemed as Corporate Education. In recent times, it has further evolved to be more suitable known as Workplace Learning. It basically is an arrangement of exercises intended solely to instruct representatives. While it helps employers, it is likewise valuable for employees too, as it helps them to work upon their expertise and sharpen information and aptitudes to advance expertly in both the fields- professional and personal.

There is a need to have a majority of employees, who are adept at various skills, have the said experience, knowledge, and the concerned expertise necessary for the business to bloom.  The basic function, to be able to help the representative employees, would be having a designed training program that would benefit each of them specifically and work upon their skill improvement. Also from the employer side, it becomes important for the increase in ROI which can be pretty useful and a win-win situation for both. This training program will help the employees to work upon the desired knowledge and improve the expertise that will impact individual employee performance and increase job satisfaction. This will result in higher employee retention.

There are certain standards that remain fixed, no matter what the industry, the employee size, the purpose of the program, the geography, and demography. We at TalenTock recognize this and have a bunch of trainers helping you with enhancing your corporate training sessions a tad more. 

  • Being relevant and needful- The experience and information we offer our employees are relevant, timely, and applicable to their daily job activities. Our professionals will help them expand their knowledge, skills and are easy to digest so they learn quickly and can implement what they learn. It is also imperative to correctly identify who needs to be trained, what topics and skills they should be trained on. 

  • Helping them align their goals – We help prepare the individuals according to their arrangement by their objectives. We and our team of professionals will in the general spotlight on what are the business results and afterward distinguish the capacities expected to accomplish those results. At that point, the most ideal manner by which we can additionally help them is by choosing by and large what explicit ranges of abilities are required by them and the sort of winning bases we have to make for them.

  • Goal-oriented programs -  When organizing preparing programs, we guarantee they are objectively arranged and the Key Performance Indicators pick paint a holistic picture - time, cost, adequacy, quality and amount of the program.

  • Having a creative workspace-  Working environment learning is advancing to a spot where including fun, reduced down and applicable exercises to preparing is getting progressively famous to build representative commitment. Our trainers especially motivate the people to Move ceaselessly from conventional mentor style learning, or web-based learning experience like flicking through a PowerPoint introduction will permit you to investigate progressively imaginative prospects.

 We at Talentock, solely believe that via the appropriate corporate training, you would be able to achieve your personal and professional goals through effective counseling, coaching, up-to-date training, and mentoring by utilizing the latest industry trends. 

We aim at positioning you as the most desired talent and resource in the market, by introducing you to the best professionals, best suited for your needs.